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Our family values began in 1953, and our commitment to creating a safe environment that values and appreciates its people has remained unchanged for three generations. Meet the people who will steward this respected culture for generations to come.

Interested in joining our growing team? We'd love to hear from you. Please visit our Careers Page to learn more.

John M. Holland

Chief Executive Officer

Larry Sowa


Rebecca Pray

Vice President of Marketing

Adam Stephan

General Manager

Kevin Roland

Director of Sales

Donald Golminas


Mike Sowa

Director of Retail Development

Joe Gatz

Facility/Business Operations Manager

Joe Saxton

Order Planning and Fleet Manager

Barbara Figueroa

Order Planning and Safety Manager

Glenn Niezgoda

Sales Manager Large Format

Eric Hanson

Sales Manager On Premise

James Herrera

Sales Manager Beer Centric

Rick Hess

Sales Manager Off Premise Chain

Kyle O'Rourke

Sales Manager Imports

Garett Balind

Craft / Non- Alcohol Brand Manager

Oleg Botsul

Area Delivery Manager

Brad Doolittle

Area Delivery Manager

Jim Walsh

Area Delivery Manager

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