Beer Glassware

The importance of glassware to beer sensory: the shape and character of a glass are of fundamental importance and will greatly change the character and the experience a beer drinker has!

Glassware features and their affect on beer sensory:

  • Thickness of the glass affects beer temperature. The Rim of the glass provides a psychological impression: thick=rustic; thin=elegant.
  • Shape of the glass impacts consumer perceptions from a visual perspective impacting proper head retention.
  • The glassware mouth opening influences aroma release, head retention and affects sensory perception on the tongue and lips.
  • The stem of the glassware provides another psychological impression of elegant vs. rustic.
Style Glass Features Sensory Benefits
Shaker, Pint, Tumbler
Fairly thick glass, stackable, sturdy Easy to drink out of, keeps beer cold with foam head retention
Imperial Pint
Medium walled glass with large mouth Easy to drink out of with good Foam head retention
Medium walled glass, tall, slender, tapered, often with a foot Showcases sparkling effervescence, color, and clarity and maintains a foam head
Thin walled glass, tall, slender, tapered with a larger mouth Showcases color, sparkling effervescence and encourages a large foam head which traps aroma
Stemmed, think walled with flared mouth opening Captures and enhances volatiles while supporting a large foam head, hand can warm the beer

Benefits of Proper Glassware:

  • Improves the image of the brand leading to more satisfied customers
  • Improves the sensory experience for the consumer leading to return visits
  • Reinforces the beer credentials of the account leading to repeat customers
  • Beer clean glassware help insure a good sensory experience leading to improved sales
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