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Bucked Up Blue Razz

Bucked Up Blue Razz

This divinely inspired beverage tastes like magic and delivers energy so powerful it's almost as if the drink was conjured straight from myth.  Here's a secret: It was!  Scientists claim blue raspberries don't exist.  They claim we got the coveted blue raspberry flavor from Whitebark raspberries.  The only place where real blue raspberries grow.  A city located within the Bermuda Triangle, hundreds of leagues under the sea.  Scholars called it Atlantis.  But we know it as the largest blue raspberry farm on the planet.  We made a deal.  To keep their location secret, in exchanged for their divine fruit.

Restorative Drinks
Year Round
0.00% ABV

Gluten Free
Cans - 12/16 CN
Shaker, Pint, Tumbler

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